an Sgf Editor for Go boardgame

- support of sgf formats 1-4
- fast loading of big files
- many navigation functions
- rectangular board sizes from 1..52
- simultaneous editing of documents in multiple views
- view and editing of sgf source code possible
- editing of multi-game documents and problem collections
- display of coordinates an movenumbers mentioned in the comment on the board
- helper functions for creating problem files
- finding of identical or similar board situations
- diagram export to .bmp and .wmf
- customizable text exports for sensei's libriary an others
- many printing options
- connection to computer playing engines via gtp
- ranking graph for your games
- go introduction for newbies
- as bonus: a go 6x6 "solution"

Download    Windows ,    Win95,98,NT,2000,XP,Vista
english version              (about 0.5 MB)
german version
as zip file
this site in german